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My Bus Ride

OK, so while I was still living in my previous Ward, I was traveling home from downtown one evening when these two quite attractive young women get on. (I'm older, but I'm not dead yet. I noticed.) I think to myself: "Niiiiiice...."

They sat facing away from me, so I couldn't get much of a look. But I liked what I saw. Sometime later, the bus pulls up at a stop and they get off the bus. Niiice.

As the bus pulls away from the stop, I turn to look. Niiice.

Then I saw 'em.

The black name tags.

I'm so goin' to Hell.


At 21:27, Blogger Southern Kiwi said...

Wow. I bet you're dodging thunderstorms these days...
hahahahaha :o)
You just made my day.

At 08:33, Blogger Jahn said...

Yeah, we've got a doozy coming in this afternoon. I'm hoping I can get home before it hits (not only so I don't have to walk home in the rain, but also so I can get home and close all my windows!).

At 09:31, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

So you were eyeballing the Sisters... Funny...

At 10:21, Blogger Southern Kiwi said...

Um yeah. Kinda felt bad after that comment when I realised there were massive storms in the area... But I guess we know who caused them ;o)

At 10:22, Blogger Jahn said...

Well, I almost made it home in time. :-) The rain started about 10 minutes before I got there, but I had my brolly with me.


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