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Mauki Writes More

Another previously undiscovered entry from the journal of Mauki The Wonder Cat.

Daddy was pretty easy to train. He figured out really fast that when he came home in the evening, he was supposed to go sit in his chair so I could come up and get in his lap and say hi and all. And he knew how to play with me, even if he didn't always know when to play.

Since he couldn't be there with me all the time, Daddy got me some pretty neat toys to play with. First was Ball. It was only some round thing made out of wire with a bell inside of it. It was OK, but it wasn't great. I could hit it and it would roll across the floor and the bell would tinkle, but that was it.

Lots better than that was String. Daddy made that himself from a piece of yarn and a stick. We used to have lots of fun with that. Daddy would wave it all around and I'd chase it and grab at it. I could even catch it most of the time. Sometimes, he'd drape it over me and get me all tangled up in it and I'd have to work my way loose. That was lots of fun.

Then there was Mousey. Mousey smelled funny. I could rassle around with Mousey and smell that funny smell and it would make me feel all funny and then I'd need to go nappy. Daddy used to laugh a lot when I'd play with Mousey. I think it was as much fun for him as it was for me. Or almost as much fun anyway.

Best of all was Paper. Paper was all shiny and smelled like that sweet brown stuff Daddy used to eat after dinner and I could bat it around and it would go every which way, unlike Ball. Ball only traveled in a straight line. Paper was lots more fun. Whoever invented Paper should have gotten some kind of prize. Maybe the Nobel Prize for Inventing Really Neat Stuff.

Daddy and I had lots and lots of fun with Paper. He'd make it go for me and then I'd chase it all around. Sometimes, I'd get it stuck somewhere and couldn't get it and all I had to do was go tell Daddy it was stuck and he'd go get it for me and make it go again. Daddy was nice like that.

But the most fun of all was playing directly with Daddy. Sometimes, I had to fuss at him a bit to get him to play, but he'd almost always play with me when I wanted. I'd get him down on the floor and climb all over him and we'd rassle around and I'd grab his hand and chew on his fingers and stuff. He'd always laugh a lot when we did that. We'd play until I wore him out, then he'd let me come over and snuggle up next to him and we'd take a nap together. Then we'd go sit in Daddy's chair and listen to nice music or watch TV and I'd still play with him a little bit.

Daddy told me once about a place called Heaven. He said all little kitty cats get to go there. I hope they let Daddy go there too, so we can play and stuff. That'd be neat.


At 17:00, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

I'm sure that you will get to play with daddy again in heaven. How could Heaavenly Father not allow the whole family to go there.


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