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I Demand Reparations

With every perpetually aggrieved group stepping up with their hands out to demand reparations for every conceivable offense -- and some rather inconceivable ones -- it looks like it's my turn to get a piece of the action.

Back during WWII, as a result of an illegal and immoral war waged by imperialist forces of greedy capitalist countries against my ancient homeland, my Uncle Hellmuth was severely wounded, my Uncle Werner died in action, and my Aunt Else died of TB contracted during extended stays in bomb shelters.

And, since WWII was just an extension of WWI following a brief intermission while all sides paused to re-load, my father found it necessary to leave and seek his fortunes elsewhere. I'm sure that led to PTSD and an earlier-than-normal death.

Somebody's gotta pay.

Where do I sign up?


At 21:46, Blogger T. F. Stern said...

I'm still waiting to get reimbursed for the rope works which my family lost, it was intentionally burned to keep the British from obtaining it. Get in line...

At 15:57, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

Sorry buddy, out of luck....


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