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Another Service Project

Am I the last person left in America who does not suffer from ADD?

What's the deal with everyone waiting until the last possible second to do anything?

This morning, we got three phone calls from a friend of my housemate. He's house-bound and can't get out. He had run out of medicaiton and called the local Walgreen's for a refill. Now he just needed someone to pick it up and deliver it. (Doesn't Walgreen's deliver?) Apparently, he took his last dose yesterday. So why does he wait until now to make arrangements for delivery? What if I had been out and about and unavailable?

I really don't mind doing favors for people. Really, I don't. I'm out $1200 because of helping a guy. but is it too much to ask that people think a little bit ahead and do something for themselves?

Maybe tomorrow I won't even answer the phone.



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