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My New Girlfriend

Somehow, I seem to have a weakness for redheads. I wonder why that is?

Anyway, this one's a real sweetheart. I love it when she sits on my lap and gets all kissy-face with me. She's also really playful, which I like. And she likes my music, especially Enya. I think it's important to have similar tastss in music.

I'm definitely a better cook than she is, which is OK with me. Especially since she seems to like the way I fix chicken. I'll definitely have to try out some of my recipes on her.

Another good thing is that we communicate well. Neither one of us says much, or needs to. I think a lot of communication is unspoken anyway.

She is a bit shy, though. So I doubt she'll be signing up here on LinkUp. And I haven't met her parents yet, so I don't know much about them. Although I'd bet that at least one of them is an Orange Tabby, just like her.


At 17:03, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

When do we get to see a picture? Is she in your Ward? Do I sound like a mom here?

At 19:32, Blogger Jahn said...

Well, since she lives here with me, she's definitely in my Ward. I'll have to get a picture up sometime soon.


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