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More Of Mauki's Musings

When Daddy brought me home from that place, it was kind of scary. They had taken me from my Mama when I was only three weeks old, and I was in that place for four weeks with no one but the people who brought me food and water and cleaned my cage. And they didn't have time to play with me or anything. Daddy said that wasn't good for little kitty cats, so he'd make it up to me. Daddy was always being really nice to me, and he liked it when I'd get up on his lap and purr at him and get all kissy-face with him.

Living with Daddy was really nice, because we took good care of each other. He made sure I always had food and water, and sometimes he'd give me little treats. He gave me fresh water twice a day, and I hardly ever had to fuss at him for it. When it got really hot outside, he'd put an ice cube in my water to keep it cool. That was really weird. I had to keep pushing the ice cube out of the way in order to drink. Daddy would laugh.

Most days, Daddy went to something called "work". I didn't think much of that, because he had to deal with people who weren't very smart and sometimes he'd come home stressed out. He said I was a lot smarter than a lot of the people he had to deal with. But even when he wasn't feeling good, he'd stll let me come up and sit on his lap. Sometimes, he'd lie on the floor and watch TV and let me come over and lie down next to him. That was nice, and it seemed to make him feel better.

One day, something really scary happened. I could tell the weather was changing, so I got up and sat in Daddy's lap, just in case he needed me. There was a flash of light outside, way far away. Daddy took ahold of me and said it would be OK, but then there was this really loud bang and it scared me. I was going to run over to my hidey place to get away from it, but Daddy held onto me and said it was OK and he wouldn't let anything happen to me. I was still scared, but I let Daddy hold me, just in case he was scared too.

Then, a few minutes later, it happened again. I didn't get quite as scared this time, but it still bothered me. But Daddy was holding on to me and I knew he wouldn't let anything happen to me, so I stayed with him instead of going to my hidey place. I think it made him feel better too.

After a bit, the rain came. Wow! It really rained! I hadn't seen rain like that ever. Daddy got up and went over to the window so I could see outside. There was water everywhere! It didn't last very long, and then the clouds went away and everything looked like before, but it smelled funny. Daddy said it always happens like that. After that, I didn't get scared by the storms anymore. I knew Daddy would take care of me.

Once in a while, a nice man would come to visit with his son and they'd sit and talk with Daddy for a while. The son said he didn't like cats, but Daddy said everyone like me. And that was true. Everyone who came to visit was really nice to me. After a while, even the man's son let me sit in his lap. Daddy and I laughed about it later on.

What was really fun was when I got to wake Daddy up in the morning. I'm not sure he always knew when to get up, but sometimes I think he was just pretending to be asleep. I'd jump up on his bed and nuzzle him and purr at him and he'd finally start giggling and let me lie down next to him and we'd just relax for a bit. Then he'd get up and check my food and water and do all his Daddy stuff. That was always a nice way to start the day.

Daddy said that in Heaven, I'd get to know all the other cats he'd known and we could all be friends. I think that would be neat. We could all gang up on Daddy and have some real fun. I bet he'd like to play with us all together.


At 21:53, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

Mauki, Bonnie had a wonderful kitty once named Cleopatra. We all called her Cleo. Cleo was given to Bonnie by some friends and Bonnie loved her. A year later we had to let Cleo got back home to her Heavenly Father. She had cancer and was dying. Bonnie cried and so did I.


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