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Here, Kitty...

Wherein Mauki gets educated.

Things were always fun when Daddy was home, 'cause I got to play with him a lot. Sometimes, though, we'd watch TV together. Daddy said most stuff on TV was really stupid, but some stuff was funny and Daddy would laugh lots. That was always good. But there was other stuff that Daddy like because it helped him learn about stuff.

One evening, we saw something really neat about a far-away place called Africa. It was all about the cats that lived there. They were really big cats! First they showed really big brown cats and they were really huge! Daddy said they were called "lions" and they were so big, they could gobble me up in just one gulp. That was scary, but I had Daddy there to protect me, so I wasn't worried. Still, they were scary. Some of them chased this funny-looking horse that had stripes all over it. They caught him and ate him. They ate a whole horse!

Then there was another cat that was really fast. He had spots all over him. He moved so fast, it was just a blur. He caught an animal, too. Daddy said that was called a "cheetah" and they were the first kitty cats that people ever had for pets. Boy, I bet people had to be really fast to get out of their way.

Then there was another cat with spots, but he was smaller. He was really strong. He caught an animal that was even bigger than he was and carried it up into a tree. I couldn't imagine carrying my dinner up into a tree.

Daddy said they were the biggest and fastest and strongest cats in all of Africa. But he said "You know who's the bestest kitty cat in the whole wide world?"


"My little Maukilein is the bestest kitty cat in the whole wide world."

Daddy nice.


At 01:02, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

I never did like those shows where animals captured and ate their prey.....Gross....Glad I'm not a cat.

At 05:21, Blogger Jahn said...

About 12 years ago (before I met Moby), I was living in a different house, and that's where I got to know Stripe. He had a "circuit" of about 5 families he would visit, but he "lived" with a family down the street. They had even built him a little shelter in their backyard (the only cathouse in town I knew of). The guy was telling me one day that every once in a while, the kids would go out to play, and Stripe would be out there with a mouse or a bird he had killed. Kind of grossed the kids out, but taught them a valuable life lesson.


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