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Killing Two Flies With One Swat

(Hat tip to PhoenixPrinsis for this one.)

My mailbox is being flooded with mail concerning gas prices and illegal aliens. To boycott oil companies or not, to provide amnesty to illegal aliens or not, etc.

Since I have become jaded to the various solutions proposed by the Republicans, Democrats, Sierra Club, ACLU, etc., I have elected to solve the problems as they affect me. My response solves both my gas and illegal alien problems: I'm going to hire illegal aliens to push my car.

They're plentiful and cheaper than buying gas. Then I pay them in pesos so they have to go home to spend it.

Don't you love it when a plan comes together?


At 16:13, Blogger Big oil boycott said...

LMAO.. thanks.. needed that.

if you do decide you might want to try a boycott check here is a address you might check out.

Thx again for the laugh.


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