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And your total is....

OK, so the ol' Jahnmobile developed a bit of an oil leak last week. I've been losing up to a half a quart of oil a day, and I wasn't even really going anywhere. Anyway, I called the mechanic (Ralph) last week and he said I could go ahead and bring it in Monday (yesterday), which I did.

As the office guy was filling out the paperwork, I asked him to call me when Ralph was getting pretty much done, as it takes about an hour and a half to travel all the way down there on the city bus. He asked me if I wanted them to call me with an estimate before actually doing repairs (never a good sign). I kind of winced and said yes.

Walked back to the bus stop, caught the next bus and went home, with a stop at Aldi on the way so I could grab some grub. Wasn't in the door 10 minutes when the phone rang. Ralph calling. Bus is ready. And the total was....


Turns out, it was a bad valve cover gasket. (Bad gasket! Bad! Sit! Stay! Stay.........!)


At 16:22, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

Jahn, if it only cost me $ 14.75, I would jump through hoops and be rejoicing.....I wonder how much money you spent on oil before you found out the fix was that cheap???


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