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"I Don't Have To Tell You That"

From the "Never Take A Knife To A Gunfight" File:

One morning, as I stopped for breakfast in the chow hall on my way to work, I had an unopened bottle of Pepsi with me, which I set on my tray as I went thru the line. Some new moron supervisor came by and saw my Pepsi and said "You can't bring that in here".

Huh? I had certainly been doing it long enough.

"Why not?"

"It's in the reg."

"What reg?"

"I don't have to tell you that."

Oh, yeah??

Well, what this particular individual didn't know was that I new his boss (the Food Services Officer) pretty well, having served on the Airmen's Dining Hall Menu Planning Board with him for a couple of years. So, I walked over to the office, left my Pepsi in the fridge, and walked back for breakfast. Later that morning, I got Leonard on the phone and recounted what had happened. I could hear him wince over the phone. A while later, he called me back and said he had taken care of the problem (there is no such restriction on bringing outside condiments into the chow hall). He also mentioned that he had told the guy that A) that was the wrong thing to say; and B) that was the wrong guy to say it to.



At 20:14, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

Well, It looks like you had a little clout there. It's nice to know people in the right places.

At 09:43, Blogger Sherpa said...

You showed him......showed him what really i'm not sure..

At 17:35, Blogger Jahn said...

Yeah, I think he learned a little something about customer service, but I'd prefer he learn it in a different way.


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