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Of Nice And Men

(No, that was no typo. Read on.)

Over the years, I've learned that there are certain words and phrases that should never be used when describing another human being. (There are also certain questions that should never be asked, but that's another matter entirely.)

In regards to men, no man should ever be referred to as a "nice guy". This is the social kiss of death. Not that it means anything negative -- quite the opposite. It's so devoid of any meaning as to almost be an insult. True, it's meant with the best of intentions, but what it really means is: "I know absolutely nothing about this guy, but he seems harmless enough".

By the same token, one should never refer to a woman as a "sweet spirit". Like cotton candy, that phrase consists of nothing more than a bit of sweetness and a lot of hot air.

To paraphrase the old saying: if you have nothing of substance to say about someone, why say anything at all?


At 21:14, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

I've said "He's a nice guy" ocassionally, but I really meant it for what it was. I never meant it as a boring comment. Now, I have heard some of the sisters complain about being called, "A sweet spirit".

At 01:05, Blogger Bonfire said...

usually the words "he's a nice guy" are followed by "but..."



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