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Perfect Friends

Earlier this evening, I was reading thru some friends' blogs and left a comment on one that I thought I'd follow up on. If I understaood correctly, her complaint was the same that a lot of people -- mostly women -- have. A couple of thoughts occurred to me. The first was from a poem by Kipling:

"Oh East is East and West is West
and never the twain shall meet;
'til Earth and Sky stand presently
at God's great judgement seat.

For there is neither East nor West,
border, breed nor birth,
where two strong men stand face to face,
though they come from the ends of the Earth."

The jist, of course, being that only when people are on equal footing can they truly get along -- or be friends. If one "needs" the other too much, it won't work. (Although Maslow correctly points out that we all need some socialization.) As for me, my friends are my friends because we like each other more than we need each other.

And what kind of friendship would we have if each doesn't accept the other with all our faults? If anyone were perfect, no one lesser would feel comfortable in their presence. How could friendship be possible then? Obviously, being imperfect doesn't mean that we're not "good enough" for others. Here's a little essay I thought was pretty good.

Perfection is a goal well worth striving for, but "good enough" is a great starting point. Are you "good enough"? Of course! God doesn't make junk.


At 11:14, Anonymous stacer said...

"As for me, my friends are my friends because we like each other more than we need each other."

That's the way it's always been for me before now, too. Which is why it's so frustrating sometimes here, because it seems the only time anyone pays attention to me as a supposed "friend" is when I'm having some sort of breakdown and *need* help, as opposed to just being a friend that they want to be around because they like me and I like them.

I assume that in time it will change, but I dunno. I'm not the kind of person who will just take what I can get and be Miss Needy all the time to get attention. I will give it a year, and if it's still this way in a year, I'm outta here, dream job or no.


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