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Say What??

One challenge faces the services as they attempt to operate jointly is a lack of a common language. For instance, if instructed to "secure" a building, the Navy would turn off the lights and lock the doors. The Army would occupy the building and prevent unauthorized entry. The Marines would assault the building, capture it, and defend it with small arms fire. The Air Force would take out a three-year lease with option to buy.

Of course, things get even worse when dealing with civilians. Most of them have no clue what we're talking about. So, herewith a short glossary of terminology used in the military; specifically, the Air Force:

35-10 = Old uniform regulation
AFSC = Air Force Specialty Code
AGR = Active Guard/Reserve
ART = Air Reserve Technician
ASAP = As Soon As Possible (pronounced "Ay-sap", not spelled out)
COB = Close of Business
CONUS = Contiguous United States
CYA = Cover Your A**
FIGMO = Forget It; Got My Orders
GMT = Greenwich Mean Time; same as Zulu Time (q.v.)
GSU = Geographically Separated Unit
IAW = In Accordance With
IMA = Individual Mobilization Augmentee
LOB = Lost on Base (i.e., out goofing off)
MFR = Memo For Record
MPF = Military Personnel Flight
NCO = Non-Commissioned Officer
NCOIC = Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge
NET = Not Earlier Than
NLT = Not Later Than
NTE = Not To Exceed
OBE = Overtaken By Events
OCONUS = Outside CONUS (q.v.)
OIC = Officer in Charge
POC = Point of Contact
POV = Privately Owned Vehicle
PCS = Permanent Change of Station (i.e., transfer)
RIF = Reduction in Force
RIP = Report on Individual Personnel
TDY = Temporary DutY
SAV = Staff Assistance Visit
SNAFU = Situation Normal, All Fouled Up
TACFU = Totally And Completely Fouled Up
FUBAR = Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition
TTX = Table-Top Exercise
UTA = Unit Training Assembly
WAG = Wild-A** Guess

Above my pay grade = at a higher level than I am
Airman No-Class = low-ranking know-it-all
Buck slip = routing slip
Can of worms = An unbelievably convoluted and complex situation
Deep Kimchi = serious trouble
Drop-dead date = a SERIOUS deadline
Face time = person-to-person meeting
Foot-stomper = an extremely important issue
Fruit Salad = military decorations
Geo-Bachelor = member separated from his family
GI Party = to party what military music is to music
Lots on the windscreen = a full schedule; lots of stuff to do
Name, Rank & Airspeed = personal data
O-dark-thirty = v-e-r-y early in the morning
Off the radar = out of sight, out of mind
On the horizon = Something waiting to happen
One-way fire drill = leaving the office early
Order of battle = program of events
Out-of-pocket = Not available (improper usage)
Out-years = The future, not part of the immediate plan
Purple (suit) = anything of a joint-service nature
Puzzle Palace (a.k.a Fort Fumble; the Fudge Factory) = the Pentagon
Rack & Stack = to prioritize or organize
Real Air Force = no one knows
Rules of engagement = ground rules
Show-stopper = Something that causes operations to grind to a halt
SitRep = Situation Report
Straw Man = hypothetical
When the balloon goes up = when all h--- breaks loose
Whitewalls = the white strip that shows after a proper haircut
You fly; I'll buy = You get us there; I'll pay for what we're getting
Zulu Time = Unchanging time zone at Greenwich, England


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