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Money: The Root of All Evil (And Much Stupidity)

After I graduated from high school, I got a job in a department store, working in the men's department. One evening, as I was making change for a customer, I noticed a strange-looking coin in with the quarters. I exchanged a quarter of my own for it and put it in my pocket. The next day, during lunch, I went to the bank and presented the coin to one of the tellers, asking what it was.

After consulting with a colleague, he came back and informed me that it was a Swedish krona. When I asked how much it was worth, he said "About 75 cents." I smiled, thanked him, and put the coin in my pocket.

I still have it.

Some people just don't know the worth of what they have.


At 05:10, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

Sounds like you made a profit there. I would have smiled too.

At 21:04, Blogger T. F. Stern said...

Not as much as that rock band that turned it into a number one hit.

dit dit dit My Krona... I know, stick to making keys.


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