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Like An Old Shoe*

(*Heck of a way to refer to another human being, but bear with me.)

Some years back, when I was still a little airman no-class at Maxwell, I had a penpal in Oklahoma City. We had corresponded for some time before I got around to getting her phone number and caling her. That first phone call lasted for quite some time, but was a lot of fun. Somewhere in the next letters we exchanged, we both agreed that there was an odd familiarity in our phone conversation -- something akin to talking to an old friend one hadn't had contact with in a long time.

Recently, I had occasion to call another friend I've know for about a year or so. We've corresponded on-line for some time, but never spoken in person. It was occasioned by a minor emergency on her part and, although I had left a comment on her blog and fired off an e-mail, something nagged at me to call, lest she go off to take care of the problem without the information I had provided. Fortunately, I had her phone number, so I made the call. After kidding around a bit, I finally let on who it was and then passed on the information I had provided on-line.

After that, we chatted a bit, then I had the feeling I should let her go take care of stuff. During that conversation, though, an odd sense of Gemütlichkeit** settled over me, like talking with someone I talk with all the time. It was an odd mixture of comfortableness and familiarity.

Kind of like an old shoe.

**There's really no direction translation of this word. "Comfortableness" comes somewhat close, but it loses a lot in the translation.


At 09:07, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

Wonder if she likes being called and old shoe? I know what you mean but it sounds funny.

At 17:13, Blogger Jahn said...

Well, judging from her reaction when I said she's too old for me....

I should send her the link to this post. :-)

At 19:08, Blogger Debra said...

I'm a quarter-of-a-century old shoe. I guess that's old in shoe terms, but nice and worn in, I suppose.

Thanks for calling.

I would say that the call was more like talking to someone I totally missed, but didn't realize I had truly missed until after that call when I was happy for the call and sad it was over at the same time.

Funny thing is I did know it was you for some reason, but I wasn't 100% confident about that, so I said I didn't know to avoid the risk of sounding dumb. ha ha

At 20:17, Blogger Jahn said...

It was probably the slight Vogtländer accent that gave me away. It comes out when I get animated. I should do that again sometime, even though you're 3 hours behind me right now.

And some of us miss you over on LinkUp. We could have used your help with Mr Meany-Had (ask Dori aobut that one).


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