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Terror On The Subway

When I was living in München, we rode the subway (U-Bahn) everywhere. Not sure how the system compares with cities in the US, but we bought monthly or weekly passes which were good for certain zones that we traveled thru frequently. In order to catch those traveling without a pass or ticket, there were "Controllers" who rode at random and -- after the doors closed and everyone was captive -- would go thru the car and check everyone.

One afternoon, my companion and I got on the U-Bahn to travel a couple of stations. Since we weren't traveling far, we didn't even bother sitting down. As the doors closed, we both unconsciously reached into our inner jacket pockets for our appointment books, to synchronize. About a half-dozen Turks looked like they wanted to jump out the window. They thought we were Controllers! It was hysterical.

After that, every time we'd ride the bus or U-Bahn, we'd pull the same trick.

Meh... everyone needs a hobby. :-)


At 07:23, Blogger T. F. Stern said...

This reminds me of when we, as police officers, were ordered not to arrest Iranians who were marching to protest US involvement with their country. My partner and I would take their picture at times when they took off the scarves that hid their faces. We did this with no film in the camera to comply with another order. (You can see that this is much the same as the non enforced immigration laws of today)

We would then show the jerks the camera and tell them that all these pictures would be turned over to their secret police and wonder out loud how long it would be before they just "vanished". It was worth it to see the look of fear and panic sweep over them.

We also did the fake radar trap when we wanted to take a break. Take our saucer police hat and crank the window up to hold it in place, the round unknow disk in the window did just as much to slow traffic as a real radar unit would have and nobody would look at us, too busy looking at their speedometer, so we could read the paper, a book or take a nap in broad daylight.


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