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R.I.P. TSgt Craig A. Scott (USAF, Ret.)

Found out this morning from my sister that her husband died of a heart attack sometime Friday. His health hadn't been the greatest since before his retirement. His kidneys had failed and he was on dialysis three days a week. Last year around this time, he had a mild heart attack, but seemed to be doing OK.

We don't choose our families, and we certainly (in our culture) don't choose our in-laws. But I have to admit, I'd have a hard time finding a better brother-in-law. He was not only an honest and honorable man, but an all-around fun guy. For 20 years, he served in the Air Force as a firefighter, retiring only because of ill health.

One of the neatest memories I have was last summer when we drove to the store (I was doing all the heavy lifting, because neither one of them was allowed to lift anything heavier than a Pepsi can). Just as we came out of the store, a fire truck roared by on the main road, about a quarter-mile away. Scotty stopped and watched it go by. After it had gone, he turned to me and said "You can take the man out of the fire department, but you can't take the fire department out of the man".


At 16:29, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

Birth and death are all a part of Heavenly Fathers plan. We just had the birth of our new little granddaughter and now you have the death of your wonderful brother in law. We both know that he is in a new stage of eternal progression. Give my condolences to your sister.

At 17:57, Blogger Michael Blackburn said...

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At 18:03, Blogger Bryan Bauman said...

I worked with Tsgt Scott while he was station captain here at Seymour Johnson AFB. I am really sorry to hear that he passed. He was very well liked by all who worked with him. One funny story was the day he was on the P-15 Crash Truck. He got on top of the P-15 before it pulled out of the station and as the truck pulled out, he hit his head on a roof beam. He had a good bump, but if you did not duck, you would hit your head. We all just accepted that and would duck. He forgot to duck. After that incident, the new policy was that no person was allowed on top of the P-15 in the stall. We all had a good laugh in fun about that. We all are saddened to hear of his passing. God Bless, Bryan Bauman,

At 18:11, Blogger Michael Blackburn said...

I was saddened to hear about Scotty's (his nick name here) death. Word did spread quickly across the U.S. concerning his passing. I worked with him here at Seymour Johnson AFB for a number of years and enjoyed every minute with him. He was one to keep everyone in good spirits as he served as our Station Capt. He was missed greatyl when he retired as I am sure he will be missed even more now. Please send regards to his family from the Seymour Johnson AFB fire guys.

At 18:55, Blogger Jahn said...

Hmmm... he never told me the P-15 story. I wonder why? :-) Probably thought I'd hurt myself laughing.

At 09:16, Blogger ericmink said...

Scotty and Marty adopted several of us young guys while we were in England. They were always great to us, allowing us in their homes to celebrate holidays, special events, or just a home cooked meal. I am so sorry to hear about Scotty, and feel for Marty during this time. Please pass on my sincere condolences to Marty, and please share with here my contact information so that I can get ahold of her personnally. Thank you.

Eric Minckler

At 05:23, Blogger Jahn said...


I didn't see any contact info for you. E-mail me at ejahn52 at yahoo dot com and I can get you in touch with her.

At 16:15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 05:53, Blogger Jahn said...



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