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A Note To The Parents

An actual note sent from the PTA of Springville, UT to parents:

On Oct. 5th we are having Walk to School Day. For those that is close To school we ask that you walk with Your Parents and walk to school. Those That live to far from School we ask that The parents walk to the bus with your Children or drive as close to the school And then have them walk. This is for us as Parent to teach our children the safes way To get to school. We hope that everyone Take part in this day.

The PTA"

I think I see what's wrong with our government school system.


At 08:47, Blogger T. F. Stern said...

That's two Koul. They must be the product of the New Math and the New Inglesh that wuz toght.

At 11:46, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

I can't believe they actually let that note go out! Good Grief!

At 07:06, Blogger Jahn said...

The worst part is, it happened in Utah, where the educational standards have always been above-average.


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