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Fun And Games With Daddy

That first day at home with Daddy, he helped me explore everything so I wouldn't be scared. Daddy had lots of neat stuff, and it was lots of fun looking at it all. Boy, I was tired afterward! So Daddy laid down on the floor and let me come over and go nappy next to him. After that, we sat in his chair and watched TV. That was strange.

When it got really late, Daddy took off his shirt and wadded it up and put it on a cushion for me in my hidey place so I'd have a nice place to spend the night. Then he went back to another room and closed the door. I fussed at him a bit, 'cause I really wanted to go in there with him, but he made me stay out there all night. That wasn't any fun.

Later on, I found out that Daddy was worried about rolling over on me in his sleep and hurting me. Silly Daddy! He should have known I wouldn't let that happen. After that morning when he wasn't feeling well and had to go back to bed and we took that nap together, he figured out that it was OK and let me come in at night and sleep next to him. I liked that.

It was easy to get Daddy to play, and that was mostly fun. But sometimes, Daddy would do something really mean. I'd be sitting up on his lap and we'd be playing and he'd tickle my little belly and say "You know what Daddy's gonna do with you? Daddy's gonna unscrew your little belly button and make your tail fall off." Now that was just mean. I need my little tail. So I'd pull away and go sit by the glass door and watch outside. Big ol' meany! I made him sit there by himself until he was ready to play nice.

I figured out how to get Daddy back, though. I'd hide somewhere and when he'd come walking by, I'd dash out and grab at his ankles. That always freaked him out. :-)


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