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Viewer Discretion?

Andy Rooney almost got it right last week with his bit about all the TV shows that start out with "Viewer Discretion Advised". It's hard to tell where he was going with it, and he certainly didn't offer any solutions.

I think the solution is easy -- how about a little "producer discretion"? Why do these idiots always have to push the envelope of good taste (and then some)? I'm getting really tired of all sorts of nasty stuff being broadcast in the name of "entertainment". Sorry, but we're not entertained.

Thanks for playing. Please try again. And use a little discretion.


At 01:45, Blogger T. F. Stern said...

That makes it simple, I simply don't watch most network tv. If enough folks would raise their level of acceptable programming, yea right, producers might elevate the level of content.

At 18:48, Anonymous Rachel said...

I love Andy Rooney! But I missed seeing that. Prob'ly 'cuz we don't have t.v. But he's one of my favorite people to listen to, when we have one.

At 19:28, Blogger Jahn said...

He can be entertaining at times. Sometimes, he can even make me think, even if I don't agree with him. But sometimes, his point is so muddled that I have no idea where he's going.


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