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(No one pays me for this, so it could hardly be called "endorsing".)

My friend Deb is having a wee bit of problems with her 'puter. Looks like it has to go into the shop for a bit. It dawned on me that there is the possibility that her woes might have been prevented by a little extra maintenance. Unfortunately, the average user* is largely unaware of the available tools.

So.... on to today's Public Service Announcement: Get ye hence to Major Geeks and d/l some of their goodies. I've been using:
Wise Disk Cleaner;
Wise Registry Cleaner;
AusLogics Disk Defrag; and
QSys Registry Defrag

for some time now, and I'm very pleased with the results. The first time you run them, it will take a while, due to the enormity of the first-time job. After that, it usually only takes less than half an hour (and I run them in the order I've listed them). After the initial run, you'll probably only get a 1% or 2% improvement if you run them weekly. YMMV


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