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Hamming It Up

Well, I gave it my best shot.

Went down this evening and took the Technician Class ham radio test.

Very disappointing results.

I only scored a 94.28571429%

*hangs head in shame*


At 08:42, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

Don't tease me, you crazy man!!! You did great.....Now you can buy a rig and get on the air...Remember where I said to look! Check in about 10 days and look for your new call sign.

At 22:13, Blogger Jahn said...

Actually, my new call sign should show up over here by Friday. I should get the hard copy in the mail shortly after that.

At 21:19, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

We'll see if you get it by Friday....I know they tell you 7 to 10 days but I routinely see it more like two weeks.......I hope you do get yours sooner....I'm anxious to see what your call sign will be. BTW: Congradulations!

At 23:17, Blogger T. F. Stern said...

Show off...and job well done I might add.

At 04:35, Blogger Jahn said...

I think I'm gonna faint. It was in there last evening. KJ4JJZ.

Now all I have to do is buy a decent radio. (I know someone with a bus like mine that has all the brackets and connections (possibly even an antenna!) in it that he's willing to just give me. Nice guy!)

At 04:35, Blogger Jahn said...

And I'll try to redeem myself by doing better on the General exam.


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