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Was I Born Too Soon?

It struck me the other day how many friends and acquaintances I have who are significantly younger than I am. To the point where two of them helped me perpetrate The Mother Of All Hoaxes a couple of years ago (until someone ratted us out, that is).

Up until I was about 40 or so, I used to play volleyball half the night with early 20-somethings. (And they played by Marquis of Queensbury rules.)

Odd, huh?


At 14:55, Blogger Debra said...

Hanging out with us youngsters helps keep you young! Age is just a number!

Is that prank the one I'm thinking of? :D

At 16:17, Blogger Jahn said...

Someone once said "If you want to feel young, hang around young people. If you want to feel old, try keeping up with them."

I'll bet you're thinking of the right prank. Dori and I had waaaaay too much fun with that!

At 19:30, Blogger T. F. Stern said...

"...If you want to feel old, try keeping up with them."

Lucy won't let me play softball with the younger set anymore; it got too expensive missing a couple of days work healing up enough move about.

At 17:45, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

I think you were born just at the time Heavenly Father wanted you to be born....... Play with the young ones, if you wish, but remember us old forts...


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