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Maybe It's Something In The Water

OK, so the other evening, I'm out for my constitutional and I hear a voice coming from a house about 50 feet away and slightly behind me. It was saying something about "How you doin' today? Doin' all right?". Little did I think someone was trying to have a conversation with the back of my head from over 50 feet away. I kept walking and the voice -- fading into the background -- kept talking, only more insistent.

A short block away, I went up a slight rise and noticed the voice seemed to be the same distance from me. Curious, I looked over my shoulder and noticed a rather agitated individual apparently following me. What the frell?

I made the turn into the apartment complex and headed over toward my building. Like Pepe LePew, he was still behind me. Now I'm a bit concerned. Instead of going to my building, I cut between the basketball court and the tennis court and made my way past and around the management office, my stalker still behind me. As I turned the corner at the management office, I sprinted to the other end of the building and turned that corner, then sprinted for the next corner and cut thru the pool area back to the parking lot where I had come in, Pepe still behind.

As I walked between the basketball court and the tennis court, I heard the gate close and knew he was still behind me. I crossed the parking lot and cut between my building and the one next to it and sprinted for the far side, where I turned the corner and headed back to the parking lot.

From here, I sprinted to the door of my building and up the stairs, no sign of my pursuer in sight.

Now I had a chance to think: what exactly was this guy's damage? Was he so PO'd that he was going to follow me home and force me to have a conversation with him?

Maybe I need to change my route the next time I go out for a walk.

Some people's kids.


At 00:33, Blogger Matt Chapman said...

You life is interesting. haha. Be careful. lol


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