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R.I.P Princess

Being partial to cats, it's always sad when one meets an untimely demise. I've been following the adventures of the "hobo kitties" who took up residence with the Sterns in Houston. Stray cats are rarely that sociable, so I guess it says something about the Stern family that the kitties would hang around so much. Kind of reminds me of my friends the Taylors down in Warner Robins, GA.

Now it seems that Princess has been taken. She looks a lot like my little Momo, who lived with me back in '93 until I discovered that I was allergic to her and gave her to a good familly, whose kids adored her and gave her a good home.

What makes it all the more regrettable is that Princess was the only one that would go inside. I'll miss reading about her adventures.

The only bright spot is that all animals inherit the Celestial Kingdom, since they fulfill the measure of their creation. Joseph Smith is reported to have remarked on one occasion that he looked forwarded to being reunited with a horse he had had as a boy. In the same vein, I look forward to hanging out again with my little Mauki, who did so much to brighten up my days.

Have fun, Princess. It won't be all that long until this world passes and we're all reunited again.


At 09:27, Blogger T. F. Stern said...

Thanks for a touching follow up to my thoughts.

At 09:51, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

Thanks Jahn, Princess took our heart immediately and we feel her lose everyday...


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