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Another Intelligence Test

"Man is not a rational animal. Man is a rationalizing animal." -- Vox Day

Here's a test to see if people can think rationally:

Q: When is a vehicle most likely to stall out?

A: When it's starting out from a dead stop; or

B: When traveling at a constant speed.

If you answered A, you can obviously think rationally (up to a point) and know something about vehicles, to boot.

So.... on to the second question.

Given that A is the correct answer to our first question, why is it then that busses (and some other vehicles) come to a stop before crossing railroad tracks?

I just love raising this question and then sitting back and watching people tie themselves up in knots trying to rationalize this silly practice.


At 08:22, Blogger T. F. Stern said...

I knew there was a reason I liked you.

At 12:43, Blogger Eric Alder said...

Because the bureaucrats who passed that particular law (in a knee-jerk bit of legislation reacting to a train/bus accident) don't know as much about cars as the average person, they only knew that passing that law would serve as a selling point to garner voter support in the next election.


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