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Nope, Not Yet

One of the few positive things about Hurricane Rita was that it caused all the weather wonks to skip over the annual nonsense about how yesterday was (the first full day of autumn". 'Cause it wasn't.

Not yet.

Autumn doesn't officially begin until the day that I do two things: start the day with a mug of hot chocolate, and wear a long-sleeved shirt. Both are a ways off. At least a week.

Be patient. I'll let you know.


At 19:17, Blogger Bonfire said...

I was in Chicago and I wore a jacket and drank hot chocolate...

At 22:17, Blogger Jahn said...

Nope, doesn't count.

At 23:28, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

No hot chocolate down here. It was 97 degrees today with the heat index over 100. I WANT A COLD FRONT! NOW!

At 13:22, Blogger Jahn said...

I understand that winter in Houston falls on the third Thursday in January.


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