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Fitness Update -- February 2006

OK, I've been a lazy little slug on vacation and on the road, so I haven't really done a proper workout since just before Veterans Day. However.... thanks to Relacor and the Nancy Reagan Diet ("Just say 'no'"), my weight has held at around 186. Between Thanksgiving and New Year's, not only did I not gain any weight, I actually lost four pounds. Not bad.

Now that I'm pretty much settled in in my new living quarters (a nice house), I've started wearing the ankle weights again, although there's nowhere nearby that I can go walking, even if I had had the time. But I still need to get back to doing the push-ups and sit-ups.

Update: (13 Feb 2006)

OK, so I had to change my routine a bit. Now that I'm living in a house, I can't do the walk I used to do. And I've gotten lazy about the push-ups and sit-ups I used to do (but I need to get back to them). However....

One great way of staying fit is martial arts. Very few people know this about me (because it's no one's business), but I earned my Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do back in 1979. I pretty much stopped when I moved to Albuquerque, but I still have the books that describe the Hyung ("forms") that we do. I learned the first 10, but haven't done them in years. So...

The other day, I dug out the books and started re-learning them. So far, I've learned Chon-Ji, Dan-Goon, and Doh San, and I'm working on Won-Hyo. They're a great way to stay fit and flexible, and don't take much time to do. We'll see how fast I can learn the rest of them. At least I've got enough space in the cellar to do them.

Update: (17 Feb 2006)

So far, so good. I got Won-Hyo down pretty quickly and even re-learned Yul-Gohk faster than I thought I would in only one work-out). I'll work on all five from now 'til Monday, then see if I can learn Joon-Guhn on Monday.

The only downside to all of this is that I now have aches in places I forgot I had places. :-(


At 02:15, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

What do you mean, "There is no place to walk."

At 06:50, Blogger Jahn said...

No sidewalks. No shoulder on the road. The nearest safe place would be the mall, about 2 miles away. So I just wear the leg weights all day while I'm walking around doing this and that. (Trust me, you really don't want to walk down these roads!)


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