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Why Not Ask 'Why'?

There's a story -- most likely allegorical -- about the National Park Service and the Lincoln Memorial. Apparently, someone noticed that the Memorial was getting a bit worn, and wanted to know why. The answer turned out to be that it got washed rather often, moreso than the others.


Because it got dirtier quicker than the other memorials.


Because the birds hung around there more than around the others.


Because of all the bugs.

Why were there any more bugs at the Lincoln Memorial than at the others?

Because the lights were turned on earlier.


Because it was the most popular one.

If you can ask "Why?" five times -- and get an intelligent answer -- you'll probably find your way to the heart of any matter.


At 02:31, Blogger Bonfire said...

i went there last weekend :)

At 08:38, Blogger Jahn said...

I don't think I've ever been there. But I've been to the FBI building, the Smithsonian, the Pentagon, and the Jefferson Memorial.


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