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Don't Try This At Home!

Some things are best left to professionals. :-)


At 23:36, Blogger Bonfire said...

those guys have been to the bellagio a few too many times...

At 02:26, Anonymous Anonymous said...


schöne Vorführung, jetzt wissen wir, warum Mineralwasser gesünder ist.

Gruß die Vogtländer Thomas und Kathrin

At 06:52, Blogger T. F. Stern said...

That reminded me, not only of the Bellagio in Vegas; but of the Muppet show and Dr. Bunson Honeydew would have done something like that with his assistant Beaker.

At 14:40, Blogger Jahn said...

Es sind welche, die viel zu viel Freizeit haben. :-)

At 06:47, Anonymous said...

Da kannst du recht haben. Du scheinst aber jetzt auch genügend Freizeit zu haben.

Guß die Vogtländer Thomas Kober und Kathrin Kratzer


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