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Water, Water, Everywhere

Daddy used to do really strange things. One time, I went in where my potty was and Daddy was sitting in the big white thing. I went over and got up on my back legs so I could see, and the thing was full of water. Water! Daddy was sitting in all that water! He laughed and said that's how Daddy takes his bath. Wow, humans are strange. I didn't know what to make of that.

There was lots of other really strange stuff in our home. Daddy had a really big bed that he slept on. And when he rolled over, the whole bed moved! Even when I jumped up on it, it would move. But it was nice and warm and I could go nappy over by Daddy's pillow where it smelled like Daddy. That was always nice. If I was sleeping when he came in, Daddy would come back and sit on the floor next to the bed and stroke my head and talk nice to me. I liked that.

There was a desk, too, with a big box on it. Daddy would sit there and look at it and do stuff. He called it work. That didn't sound good. Most days, Daddy would leave in the morning and come back late in the afternoon. But then he had to do work at home. That wasn't fair. I don't like work. I think work is stupid. People should be able to stay home with their families.

In the kitchen was another strange-looking box. Daddy would put food in it and it would light up. After a while, it would make a noise and the light would go out. Then Daddy would take his food out and eat it. It almost always smelled nice and sometimes Daddy would give me some. One time, he made something called "chile" and it smelled really good, but Daddy wouldn't give me any. I didn't like that, so I kept fussing at Daddy until he gave me some. Ouch! That stuff burned my tongue. I had to go get a big drink of water after that. Daddy said I should listen to him about stuff like that. I think he was right.


At 23:49, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

Mauki, Daddys are funny people.


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