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Best. Instructions. Ever. :-)

OK, so I was rooting around in the local Big Lots, looking for some kind of decent plug-in air freshener. (Trust me -- when I take off my work shoes, you don't even want to be in the same ZIP code.)

Anyway, I came across one that's simply called "Method Aroma Pill". Goes for 4 bucks. Seemed nice. There's one in lavender, which is very relaxing. I buy it. I take it home. I read the instructions. I'm still laughing.
1. Holding fragrance bottle upright, remove cap. Do not remove wick. It's pretty important.

2. Keeping fragrance bottle upright, insert into bottom of pill.

3. Rotate bottle clockwise until tight. You know, righty-tighty.

4. Rotate plug of aroma pill to accommodate vertical or horizontal wall outlet. Insert aroma pill into wall outlet with glass bottle pointing down. Do not point sideways or else fragrance oil will spill. Gravity is mean like that.

Nice to see that someone, somewhere, still has a sense of humor.


Not an instruction, but....

On the back of the carboard my new camera case was mounted on:
"Holds all cameras small enough to fit."

Well, duh....

(And just how come they can't make it hold the cameras too big to fit???)


At 10:15, Blogger BeatlesDiva said...

Gotta love humanity!

At 07:52, Blogger T. F. Stern said...


At 00:13, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

You know that they have to spell everything out.....Some people have no common sense..


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