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"You Big Meany!"

If I posted this over at LinkUp, I'd probably get booted. So I might as well post it here.

I am getting so fed up with all the whiny, sniveling, little cry-babies of this world, I'm ready to puke. Since at least the early '70s, the Left in this country has had nothing to offer except emotion. They can't argue facts, because the facts aren't on their side. Not that they're inclined to argue facts anyway. (And by "facts", I don't mean unsubstantiated allegations.) They can't even argue conclusions, because the facts don't bear out their conclusions. So what do they do? They argue emotion.

For a long time, they whined about things not being "fair". It's not "fair" that one person has a better home than another person. (Tough cookies. Life itself is "unfair". Get used to it.) Of course, they very conveniently left out the fact that the first person had worked harder and made better life choices than the second. What's unfair about that?

Then they tried using fear to get their way. "Oh! The big bad Republicans are going to kick Grandma out into the streets where she'll starve to death in the cold." Really? How many times has that happened in the last 25 years? Umm.... let's see... that would be.... Never! (Of course, they love the new technology that allows welfare queens to use EBT cards so no one can see what they're buying with your hard-earned tax dollars. It also allows Grandma and Grandpa to gamble away their Socialist Security checks at the nearest casino without leaving all those brown envelopes lying around for all the world to see.

Since about 1990 and Bush the Elder's idiotic "kinder, gentler" crap, they've found another tool to use to beat the opposition into submission. Now they whine about how those big ol' meanies have hurt their pwecious widdle feewings. Aw.... ain't it just too bad? Anyone who opposes their agenda of socialist world domination is "mean" and "cruel" and "vicious".

The latest offering on their altar of political correctness is Ann Coulter, whose intellect exceeds their collective IQ by several points. Her new book, "Godless", quite correctly points out their lies and hypocrisy. Naturally, since they can't refute her facts or conclusions, the only thing left is ad hominem attacks. Reading their hysterical rantings is reminiscent of being in the kindergarten sandbox. ("Oooo, teacher! She's being mean! Make her stop!") It's disgusting.

If it weren't so revolting, it would be comical that there's a movement in the State of New Jersey to ban her book. All along, they'd have you believe that it's only right-wingers who ban books. They seeem to conveniently forget that the First Amendment does not exist to protect speech (and writing) that they like, but to protect what they don't like.

For the record, there are a few -- very few -- liberals I can actually tolerate. I still largely disagree with their arguments, but at least they make an attempt to act like adults. Too bad they're a tiny minority.


For the record, none of this was prompted by anything that happened over at LinkUp. It was prompted by all the whining surrounding the release of Ann Coulter's new book. I merely made the observation that if I had posted this over there, I undoubtedly would have gotten into trouble.



At 07:46, Blogger Sherpa said...

maybe you need to take a link-up break for a few days.

I'm not being mean, snively or even acting as a moderator. Just someone noticing that it might be time for a bit of a break.

At 08:58, Blogger Steve said...

I try to give Ann Coulter a chance to prove herself, but she never offers up any facts when I see her talk. She just says things about liberals are this and that and wrong. Honestly, I haven't read her book b/c she has never given me a reason to think I should. Her promotions are always just crack shots at liberals. To me she is just a person trying to bank on a persona no different than some of the "left wing" people you would claim are on tv all the time.

At 09:32, Blogger Jahn said...

Maybe if you'd read her books, you'd find some facts. Her opinions are no less valid than those of other people. In fact, they're probably a whole lot more valid. Part of the reason the Left hates her so much is because she's beating them at their own game.

And me taking a break from anything will do nothing to solve the underlying problem of people trying to use emotional blackmail to get their way.

At 09:42, Blogger Sherpa said...

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At 10:05, Blogger Sherpa said...

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At 08:26, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

Jahn, have you noticed that the liberals aren't trying to dispute the "Godless" part of her book? They are all screaming about her "Jersey Girl" remarks. Ann does know how to get the libs all up in arms, but if you read her book, she doesn't say anything that isn't true. TF is reading it now.

At 14:35, Blogger Jahn said...

Typical leftist ploy. They can't argue facts, because the facts aren't on their side. They can't even argue opinion, because the facts support Ann's opinions. So they resort to whining about their pwecious widdle feewings.


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