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Bad Kitty!

I've figured out which cat is my favorite. They both come around and get all friendly with me. Rio spent Monday night, but kept waking me up, purring in my face. Not that I mind; she's really very sweet.

However.... yesterday, Hampton lost any chance she ever had at the top spot. She was in my room, climbing all over everything and purring at me and being all nice. Then she went over and took a leak on my bed. Yeah, somebody got a good whack on her little ass. She spent the rest of the day in Rick's room, hiding under the bed with the door closed. It'll be a cold day in hell before she gets back in here.

Meanwhile, Rio came in to keep me company. (The two refuse to be in the same room at the same time.) She even spent last night, getting even friendlier than before. I think she knows who my favorite is now. And for good reason. She really is very sweet-tempered, and almost as affectionate as Mauki was. Hampton was acting rather contrite today, but I think she realizes she's still in the doghouse, so to speak.


At 01:53, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

If one of our cats "peed" on my bed she would become an outside cat.


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