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Taking Care Of Business

Boy, most people have no idea how much hard work is involved with being a little kitty cat. There's so much to do! It was a big place and I had to explore everywhere and inspect everything. That took a lot of time. And I had to protect Daddy from any bad old bugs or other cats that might get in.

One evening, there was a really big cat that came over and looked in our door. I didn't like that, 'cause Daddy said he didn't want any other little kitty cat except me. Anyway, I fussed at him and Daddy came out to see what was going on. He even went outside, but that other cat was already scared of me and ran off. And when Daddy came in, he was laughing and asked me if I scared that other cat off. Well, of course I did! Somebody had to protect Daddy. Daddy said he was proud of me and he got me one of my treats and we sat in the big chair and he gave me lots of loves.

There was lots of other stuff I had to do too. I had to make sure Daddy woke up on time every morning. He had a little box in his room that would make music every morning when it was time to wake up. But I'd hop up on his bed and tickle his face with my whiskers before the box started making music. Then Daddy would laugh and let me lie down next to him for a little while.

And I had to make sure he took care of my food and water too, 'cause sometimes he'd forget. Usually, I had to supervise when he got me my fresh water. I'd follow him all the way out to the kitchen and then back, just to make sure he did it right and put my bowl where it belonged. When it was hot outside, he'd even put an ice cube in it for me, just to keep it cool.

Also, I had to inspect everything that Daddy brought home. He relied on me to make sure everything was safe and good for us. He said I was a smart little guy and I'd know if there was anything bad. I never found anything bad, but I always had to check.

It's no wonder I had to go nappy so much. It's really exhausting, being a little kitty cat.


At 07:46, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

Our Bubba has been a little clingy lately. She hops up on the desk when her daddy is writing a blog and sits just under the monitor. Occasionally she will see something go by on the monitor and try to get it. I think that she is trying to be the center of attention right now. Yes, it is hard work being a kitty.

At 20:39, Blogger Jahn said...

Rio came in last evening and hopped up on my desk. I had a hard time working the keyboard and mouse with her in the way, but I just didn't have it in me to shoo her away. She's been really sweet with me lately.


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