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Mauki's Big Adventure

We lived near a really big street where lots and lots of cars and trucks came by. Daddy said he didn't want me going outside, 'cause something bad might happen to me and he'd be all sad and never forgive himself.

So I mostly stayed inside, except for a couple of times I snuck out. Then Daddy caught me and showed me the place where the inside ended and the outside started and said out there was "Ah!" and I wasn't to go out there anymore. So I didn't. Not even that time that a big leaf came by and I wanted to run out there and chase it and play with it. I looked around and saw Daddy was watching me and he said I was a good little guy for not going out and he picked me up and cuddled me and gave me one of my treats. That was nice.

Once in a while, Daddy would take me outside and we'd play on the lawn. Or we'd walk up to where the mailboxes where and he'd check to see if he had any mail. Once, he even put me up in the box and let me look around. It was no big deal, but I was glad Daddy took me with him.

A couple of times, Daddy took me up the street and around the corner to a place he called the Post Office. He put me on top of this thing that wasn't very steady and then he said I hadn't grown a nickel's worth. Well, I was just a little guy anyway.

One day, he took me back to that place where he got me. I got all worried, 'cause I thought he was taking me back. But Daddy said the doctor had to look at me and make sure I was all right. So we went in and waited and after a while, the doctor looked at me and said I was doing really well. But then he poked me with something really sharp and it really hurt. But Daddy picked me up and said it would be OK and we sat down for a while and Daddy cuddled me and talked nice to me and it didn't bother me that much anymore.

After we got home, Daddy tried to make me feel better by playing with me. But my tummy was really upset and I wound up throwing up on the floor. I got scared 'cause I thought Daddy would get mad and scold me, but he just picked me up and went over and sat in his big chair with me and told me it was OK. He said that what the doctor did would keep me from getting sick, even though it upset my tummy. Then he cleaned up the floor and came back and cuddled me some more and I was happy again. And I never got sick.


At 21:50, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

Mauki, Your daddy is a nice daddy for taking you to the doctor for your shots. BTW, little children have to get shots too. Baby Jocelyne just got five shots and JJ got four. You were lucky to only get one at a time.

At 19:15, Blogger Jahn said...

Yeah, but I'll bet the kids didn't throw up on the floor. :-)

Not that it bothered me. I was more concerned that he wasn't feeling well than that he barfed on the floor.


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