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Airport Profiling

"President Bush said in Wisconsin Thursday this nation is at war with Islamic fascists. We have a strategy for victory. We're going to search every Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, Jew, Mormon, Buddhist, Presbyterian and Episcopalian who walks into the airport until the Muslims die of hunger and thirst waiting in line."

—Argus Hamilton


At 18:42, Blogger T. F. Stern said...

Thank you, that way I can sit down and watch the news knowing that nothing will match that line.

At 02:15, Blogger Bonfire said...

Normally I would say "Love it!" to a smart-a$$ comment like this... but you know that I'm the one getting searched at least once a week in the airport, so I just have to roll my eyes...

At 06:27, Blogger Jahn said...

Yeah, every time I read some story about the idiotic goings-on in airports, I think of all you frequent travelers. I'm just glad I don't have to fly anymore.


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