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Where's Daddy?

One day, Daddy packed me up in my travel box (which I really never liked) and took me for a ride. Next thing I knew, we were back at that place where he had first gotten me. I really didn't like that place much. The people were nice, but it was really noisy and there were dogs there. Dogs should have a separate place so they don't bother us.

Anyway, Daddy gave me to the people there, and they put me into one of those stupid cages! I couldn't believe it! Had I done something wrong? Did Daddy not want me anymore? I was all sad and scared, and I didn't know what to do.

Every day, the nice lady would come in and give me food and water and clean my cage, just like before. But she never had time to play with me or anything. She took care of all of us like that.

I was really miserable. I had really liked living with Daddy, and now he was gone. Would anyone else take me home? Would I have to stay here forever? It was awful.

One morning, the nice lady came in, and I thought she was going to give me food and water. Then I heard a voice. Daddy! Daddy had come back! Oh, I couldn't believe it! I got all excited and started fussing and I really wanted out of that stupid cage. I wanted to go see Daddy and tell him how much I had missed him and fuss at him for leaving me there, but it took that lady forever to open up my cage and take me out and give me to Daddy.

Boy, I really gave him what-for! I really fussed at him for leaving me there all that time. But he just stroked my head and laughed the way he does when he's happy and he gave me lots of loves and talked all nice to me. After a bit, I calmed down and Daddy carried me out to another room and sat in a chair with me.

We stayed there for a little bit while Daddy cuddled me and told me how much he had missed me and gave me lots more loves. I was just so happy Daddy was back.

After a while, Daddy put me in my travel box. I really didn't want to go in there, but Daddy said it was better that way. I wanted to sit on Daddy's lap. Oh, well... Daddy carried me out to the bus and we got in and he drove home as quick as he could. When we got home, Daddy carried me inside and then sat down on the floor and opened my travel box and let me out. Then he just sat right there on the floor and played with me and stuff. We had a lot of fun.

Finally, I got really tired, so Daddy stretched out on the floor and let me snuggle up next to him for a big nappy. That was really nice. Then I woke up and went over and got a drink of water. When I came back, Daddy picked me up and sat in his big chair with me. He told me all about how he had missed me, but the people where he had gone didn't allow cats, so he had had to leave me behind. Boy, I didn't realize how hard it had been on him.

The really good thing was that Daddy didn't have to go to work that day. He said he was going to spend the whole day with me. And he did. Even when he went to check the mail, he took me with him. And he gave me a couple of my treats, too. That night, he let me come in and sleep with him on his bed. That was the best part. After that, he let me come in and sleep with him anytime I wanted to.

I sure am glad Daddy came back for me.


At 07:50, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

Everyone needs love, isn't it amazing how animals love us unconditionally? You are lucky to have had such a sweet kittie.

At 14:21, Blogger Jahn said...

Yeah, he was definitely something else. Of all the cats I've ever known, he was unique in that regard. Bonded to me like SuperGlue.


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