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Whither the Weather?

"Climate is what you expect. Weather is what you get." -- Mark Twain

OK, could someone explain to me how the 7:00am temperature was 72° and the projected high for the day is 71°? (It's 66° as I write this.)

And it's still not autumn yet. Despite the fact that I had a mug of hot chocolate for breakfast (I'm not wearing a long-sleeved shirt). In fact, that one was so good, I had another for lunch.

My recipe: I use Swiss Miss (preferably their Chocolate Sensations mix), add in 1½ tablespoons of raw cocoa and about a tablespoon of hazelnut-flavored non-dairy creamer. Mix thoroughly, add in enough hot water to make a thin paste, mix well and top off with 2% milk. Nuke until hot.

Dang... I just might have another.


At 23:33, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

Wow that must be rich! Sounds good to me.


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