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OK, so I stopped by the Post Office to check my mail today, and there was one of those tube mailers in my box. My first thought was "No what kind of weird thing did he send me?" (my friend Terry is forever sending me strange things). I pull it out and notice that the return address is Denver. A closer look shows that it's from ARPC (the Air Reserve Personnel Center).

Turns out, it's my retirement orders.

Woo-hoo! Yay me! I'm finally retarded retired.

It would have been nice to serve a few more years, but I had finally gotten a nose full of all the whining and political correctness in today's military.

And if you don't know what FIGMO means, you've probably never been in the military.


At 23:31, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

Come on! Aren't your going to tell us what it means? Did you get in 20 years before this retirement. There must be some kind of benefits you will receive.

At 08:14, Blogger Jahn said...

You have to follow the link.

I've got 29½ years in. I get Base privileges, but no money or medical care. But since I don't even live near a military base, it doesn't matter.


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