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You might be an idiot if...

1. You think that militia groups are more of a threat to your safety than inner-city gangs.

2. You think that if all guns were banned, crime would disappear.

3. You believe that criminals will flock to gun buy-back programs to turn in their guns.

4. You believe that if the government funded one less black helicopter, that thousands of starving children would be fed.

5. You believe that the government should have more control over the lives of people.

6. You believe that Pat Schroeder, Diane Feinstein, Charles Schumer, Howard Metzenbaum, Arlen Spector, etc. etc. are actually working for your best interests.

7. You believe that Socialism/Communism can work and it's just gotten some bad publicity.

8. You believe that the Bible is racist, sexist and homophobic.

9. You believe that "it takes a village to raise a child".

10. You have demanded that a local book store stop selling books containing the words "Jesus Christ", yet insist they make pro-homosexual literature available to children.

11. You believe that Randy Weaver's family were dangerous criminals with an arsenal.

12. You think that the mainstream media is too conservative.

13. You believe that most of our health care would be solved if the government would increase taxes.

14. Your cellar is stocked with Clinton/Gore bumper stickers and the complete works of Barbra Striesand.

15. You would vote for Hillary Clinton.

16. You believe that all hell would break loose if it were not for U.N. "Peacekeepers".

17. You don't think its "fair" for some people to have bigger houses than others.

18. You believe that law enforcement should be federalized, and should forcibly enter homes and confiscate guns.

19. You believe that Christianity is harmful, but you're completely open-minded to allowing your children to be exposed to paganism. atheism, secular humanism, witchcraft, etc..

20. You believe that the government has been honest with us concerning POWs and MIAs.

21. You believe that Bill Gates amassed his fortune by turning out a superior product.

22. You believe that only adult white males are racist, sexist and homophobic.

23. You believe everything that Rush Limbaugh says.

24. You think that multi-level marketing is a good deal for all involved.

25. You believe that television talk shows make meaningful and important contributions to society.

26. You believe that everything will work out if we just think positively.

27. You believe that it's the government that grants us our rights.

28. You believe that a government school "education" is superior to that of someone who was home-schooled.

29. You believe the Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force had to incinerate the children at the Branch Davidian Church "in order to save them".

30. You believe you can survive an encounter in your home with an armed attacker by dialing 911.

31. You believe that handing out condoms to school children will decrease pregnancies.

32. You believe that a Federal Reserve Note is "money".

33. You believe all that you see on the television news.

34. You think that Americans have always paid income taxes, and you see nothing wrong with the graduated income tax being one of the ten steps to destroy a free country, as outlined in the Communist Manifesto.

35. You think that there is too much freedom and that we should surrender some of our rights so that the government can make it "safer" for us.

36. You don't view people as individuals, but rather as members of a group.

37. You equate patriotism with terrorism.

38. You believe that minorities can't succeed on their own, and must have "help".

39. You believe that 2+2=4 or 5 or 7, as long as the child's feelings are not hurt.

40. You believe that the policy that the United States is to have no Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Defense whatsoever helps to keep your children safe.

41. You find it acceptable for an avowed communist and former head of the Soviet Union to be in charge of supervising the disarming of America's defensive capabilities.

42. You believe Anita Hill was a victim, but Paula Jones is an opportunist.

43. You believe Clinton "never inhaled".

44. You believe that cuts in the Defense Department will balance the budget.

45. You believe that the Strategic Defense Initiative (a.k.a. "Star Wars") didn't work.

46. You consider any discussion of other people's obvious character flaws as "hate speech".

47. You favor abortion, but oppose capital punishment.

48. You buy a vehicle for $20,000 and get a $1,000 "rebate" and think you're money ahead.

49. You believe that the new millenium began on 1 Jan 2000.

50. You consider multi-million-dollar wheeler-dealer CEOs to be absolutely indispensible to our economy, but low-wage workers who produce goods and services are a burden.


At 08:17, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

Dare I say that sounds like a liberal democrat?

At 14:32, Blogger Jahn said...

Some of them do sound like some liberals I've known.


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