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Missing Momma

I was taken from my Momma when I was only three weeks old. Then I spent four weeks in that place where Daddy got me. Daddy said that's a terrible thing to do to a little kitty cat. He said we should be left with our Mommas for at least six weeks, and eight weeks would be even better. There were times I really missed Momma. She fed me and took care of me and was always nice to go nappy with.

One day, I got up on Daddy's lap and put my face right up against his tummy. It was kind of soft, just like when I'd put my face up against Momma. I started kneading his tummy with my little paws, just like I used to do with Momma when she would feed me. It reminded me of being with Momma. Daddy acted like he was about to stop me, but then he didn't. Afterward, he picked me up and rocked back in his recliner and put me up on his chest. He talked all nice to me, but he sounded really sad. He said I could do that any time I wanted. He said it wasn't good for a little kitty cat to miss its Momma that much.

I curled up on Daddy's chest and purred at him until I fell asleep. When I woke up, Daddy took me out into the kitchen and put some milk on a saucer and gave it to me. That was yummy. Then he took me back and sat in the recliner and gave me lots of loves. That was really nice. I rubbed my face against Daddy's cheek and gave him kisses.

We only did that a few times, but Daddy always treated me nice and helped me feel better. Daddy said that when I go to Heaven, Momma and I can spend as much time together as we want. He said that's what Heaven is for. I'll be glad to see Momma again. I hope Daddy gets to see her too.


At 05:31, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

We have a cat named Andie who we found on the side of a road. She was very young and we took her home with us. She would "knead" our tummies often when she wanted love. Bonnie loves her "cuddle kittie" quiet a bit. We have had Andie for about 16 years and as of now she has been missing for four days. She always comes to the back door and let's you know she is ready to eat. It upsets me that we can't find her. I have been going outside calling her name, looking under the bushes and even in her spots in the garage. No Andie! I told Bonnie about it, when she called the other day, and she is upset. I kind of think that she has passed on to the other world to find her mommy. I hope she is not disoriented and lost somewhere.

At 07:15, Blogger Jahn said...

16 is pretty old for a cat. My sister's cat live 17 and she was pampered. Four days is a long time to be gone. That's sad.


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