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Hello, Kitty

So, I stepped outside last evening to stretch my legs a bit so they wouldn't cramp up from all the walking I do. Just after I got outside, I heard a kitten cry. At first, I thought it was a cat in heat, but it dawned on me very quickly that it was a lost kitten, calling for its mother.

I walked down to the parking lot and looked around a bit and there he was: wandering around between a couple of cars. Well, anyone who knows me knows that I'm a sucker for cats. There was even a joke going around about me and a certain Linkster, that we were going to get married and live in a shack in the woods with 17 cats. But I digress.

He came over to me quite readily (no surprise there) and let me pick him up right away. He looked like he was just barely of age to be weaned, so I guessed that his mother was trying to get him out on his own. He kept crying all the way up to my third-floor apartment. Once inside, I poured a couple of teaspoons of milk onto a saucer and gave it to him. It was a good sign, that he didn't drink it all. At least he wasn't malnourished.

After that, I stretched out on the bed to watch "That '70s Show" and he curled up on my chest and drifted off to sleep. Unfortunately, we're not allowed to have pets here, so he was out of luck. But I let him stay with me until I had to crash, and then took him outside. I put him over in the corner by the dumpster, where I'm sure his familiy hangs out. It really broke my heart to have to leave him out there, but I had no choice. I wasn't around much today, so I still haven't seen him. They usually only show up in the evenings, so I'm keeping an eye out. I'll probably call a shelter or clinic tomorrow and see if I can find one that will take him.


At 22:29, Blogger Lucy Stern said...

Jahn, I think you need to move to an apartment that allows pets. How can you put that sweet baby kitty out in the dark? You old softie...

TF and I learned, back in Sept., that Tonic water is good for leg cramps. The tonic water has Quinine in it and it is really good for leg cramps. You can find it at the grocery store. It has a bit of a bitter taste so TF drinks it with orange juice. It has helped...You might want to try it.

At 11:13, Blogger Jahn said...

Wow.... Quinine water. I haven't had that stuff in a coon's age. We used to drink it straight when I was a kid. Maybe with a little lime or grapefruit joice.

Actually, I don't really get cramps, more like a bit of stiffness from sitting here at the computer too long. I've never been athletic, but I've always been active and hate just sitting.

One of these days... I'll have my own place and at least two cats.

At 11:08, Anonymous stacer said...


Mogget says hi. He was laying on the keyboard. Can't keep him away--nice warm vent right on the side of the laptop.

That's so sad you had to put him back out. Couldn't you have kept him for the night and taken him to a shelter the next day?

At 15:18, Blogger Jahn said...

I really wish I could have kept him. But they've already evicted two people for having pets. I saw him sometime Saturday afternoon, and saw his mother later on. So I guess he's doing OK. It's really too bad I didn't enounter him earlier in the day; I could have called around and taken him somewhere.


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