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Modern-Day Dinosaur

"There is a world of difference between true beauty and mere physical attractiveness."
-- Master Doh-San

Are 'beauty' pageants an anachronism?

Should they be done away with? Have they outlived whatever "usefulness" they might ever have had?

Or could we maybe make some changes?

How about these:

-- No more swimsuit competition.

-- Amend the evening gown part to stipulate that all gowns must cover the same areas as temple garments.

-- The questioning part would consist of a jar containing pre-approved questions written on slips of paper. Each contestant selects a question at random. If she doesn't like that question, she can select another, but she's stuck with that one.

-- During the question part, contestants would not be allowed to wear any make-up.

-- The chief judge would be Simon Cowell.

-- The five finalists have to meet me back in the Green Room for a NCMO session. (OK, I'm just kidding about that one.)




The guy I work for now is part Egyptian and part German. He hired me recently, but we're still working out the schedule. It looks like I'll start in earnest on Monday (and no Sundays!).

I only "worked" 3 hours this pay period. He said he'd start me at $7/hr at first, then up to $12. So I go in today to get my measly $21 and he pays me $30. I didn't even notice it until I got over to SprawlMart. So I went back and said "Dude, you gave me too much money" (he paid me in cash b/c he's already done his April taxes and doesn't want to screw around re-doing it; plus, 3 hours is considered "casual labor" by the gummint). He says "What is problem?"

"You only owed me $21."

"What is problem?"

"You overpaid me."

"What is problem?"

(Blank stare)

Nice guy. I walked out talking to myself.