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Maybe It's Something In The Water

OK, so the other evening, I'm out for my constitutional and I hear a voice coming from a house about 50 feet away and slightly behind me. It was saying something about "How you doin' today? Doin' all right?". Little did I think someone was trying to have a conversation with the back of my head from over 50 feet away. I kept walking and the voice -- fading into the background -- kept talking, only more insistent.

A short block away, I went up a slight rise and noticed the voice seemed to be the same distance from me. Curious, I looked over my shoulder and noticed a rather agitated individual apparently following me. What the frell?

I made the turn into the apartment complex and headed over toward my building. Like Pepe LePew, he was still behind me. Now I'm a bit concerned. Instead of going to my building, I cut between the basketball court and the tennis court and made my way past and around the management office, my stalker still behind me. As I turned the corner at the management office, I sprinted to the other end of the building and turned that corner, then sprinted for the next corner and cut thru the pool area back to the parking lot where I had come in, Pepe still behind.

As I walked between the basketball court and the tennis court, I heard the gate close and knew he was still behind me. I crossed the parking lot and cut between my building and the one next to it and sprinted for the far side, where I turned the corner and headed back to the parking lot.

From here, I sprinted to the door of my building and up the stairs, no sign of my pursuer in sight.

Now I had a chance to think: what exactly was this guy's damage? Was he so PO'd that he was going to follow me home and force me to have a conversation with him?

Maybe I need to change my route the next time I go out for a walk.

Some people's kids.

R.I.P Princess

Being partial to cats, it's always sad when one meets an untimely demise. I've been following the adventures of the "hobo kitties" who took up residence with the Sterns in Houston. Stray cats are rarely that sociable, so I guess it says something about the Stern family that the kitties would hang around so much. Kind of reminds me of my friends the Taylors down in Warner Robins, GA.

Now it seems that Princess has been taken. She looks a lot like my little Momo, who lived with me back in '93 until I discovered that I was allergic to her and gave her to a good familly, whose kids adored her and gave her a good home.

What makes it all the more regrettable is that Princess was the only one that would go inside. I'll miss reading about her adventures.

The only bright spot is that all animals inherit the Celestial Kingdom, since they fulfill the measure of their creation. Joseph Smith is reported to have remarked on one occasion that he looked forwarded to being reunited with a horse he had had as a boy. In the same vein, I look forward to hanging out again with my little Mauki, who did so much to brighten up my days.

Have fun, Princess. It won't be all that long until this world passes and we're all reunited again.


Overheard In The Office

"Man, I've never been so happy in my life as I will be when that ***** gets out of here."

"You should be glad he's here."

"What the **** are you talking about?"

"Before he got here, _____ couldn't stand you. Now she thinks you're not half bad."

It's all relative.


How Cold Is It?

Pretty dang cold.