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And your total is....

OK, so the ol' Jahnmobile developed a bit of an oil leak last week. I've been losing up to a half a quart of oil a day, and I wasn't even really going anywhere. Anyway, I called the mechanic (Ralph) last week and he said I could go ahead and bring it in Monday (yesterday), which I did.

As the office guy was filling out the paperwork, I asked him to call me when Ralph was getting pretty much done, as it takes about an hour and a half to travel all the way down there on the city bus. He asked me if I wanted them to call me with an estimate before actually doing repairs (never a good sign). I kind of winced and said yes.

Walked back to the bus stop, caught the next bus and went home, with a stop at Aldi on the way so I could grab some grub. Wasn't in the door 10 minutes when the phone rang. Ralph calling. Bus is ready. And the total was....


Turns out, it was a bad valve cover gasket. (Bad gasket! Bad! Sit! Stay! Stay.........!)


Puttin' On The Glitz

I'm really not in the habit of endorsing stuff, but my Linkster friend Lauren now has her own site on Etsy where she's peddling some of the best jewelry I've ever seen. Really cool stuff. Even if you're not in the market for jewelry, it's worth taking a look at. (Click on images to enlarge.)