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RSS Feeds

If anyone knows how to add a button to enable other people to use RSS feeds to read this thing, I'd appreciate knowing it. There's thousands, hundreds, dozens, several, a couple of people who might like to get the feed.

Computer Resources

(No one pays me for this, so it could hardly be called "endorsing".)

My friend Deb is having a wee bit of problems with her 'puter. Looks like it has to go into the shop for a bit. It dawned on me that there is the possibility that her woes might have been prevented by a little extra maintenance. Unfortunately, the average user* is largely unaware of the available tools.

So.... on to today's Public Service Announcement: Get ye hence to Major Geeks and d/l some of their goodies. I've been using:
Wise Disk Cleaner;
Wise Registry Cleaner;
AusLogics Disk Defrag; and
QSys Registry Defrag

for some time now, and I'm very pleased with the results. The first time you run them, it will take a while, due to the enormity of the first-time job. After that, it usually only takes less than half an hour (and I run them in the order I've listed them). After the initial run, you'll probably only get a 1% or 2% improvement if you run them weekly. YMMV


Fighting Battles

I can't say for sure that there's a direct connection, but the timing was suspicious.

A few days ago, someone -- possibly a visitor, but who cares? -- parked in my space. (Each apartment has one reserved space.) This is the third time this has happened (a different vehicle each time), and in each instance I've done the same thing: left a carefully worded note on the windshield. Lest anyone think that I really am A Rotten Human Being, the full text of my note is as follows:
You are parked in a reserved space. Park in your own space or one of the unmarked ones.

Yeah, really obscene, I know.

Yesterday, I spotted a woman from the office going around and leaving a note on (almost) everyone's door. (I checked with the woman who works at the mall and lives over in another building. No note on her door.) What caught my attention -- after the usual boilerplate about reserved spaces, visitor spaces, and notifying the on-site security guy -- was the last line:
"There is NO need for anyone to have to leave a note on anyone else's car."

Yeah, right. Don't ever do anything for yourself. Run to mommy or daddy and let them handle it.

Apparently, someone got their knickers in a twist and went whining to TPTB about my note. Anonymously, no doubt. Whether or not they identified the space -- as opposed to just the building -- is academic. What really rots my socks is the sure knowledge that TPTB are more concerned that some whiny little cry-baby got their "pwecious widdle feewings" hurt than that someone's right to a reserved parking space was violated. The other odious aspect is the idea that I have no right to act for myself, but have to go running to someone else to fight my battles.

I'll fight my own battles, TYVM.


Why I Haven't Been Blogging

I've been too busy with other stuff.